[Recipe] Matcha Oat Latte

The ingredients for Matcha Oat Latte

 My favourite weekend morning drink, just 6 minutes and it’s super healthy and tasty too.

Using an electrical stirrer to froth it up

Since I am not into sweet coffee or tea, I did not have any sweet element here. Do add brown sugar or honey as you like.

 Heat up about 250 ml of Oat Milk for 40 seconds on high – depending on your microwave setting. Just heated through not scalding hot.

Then add in about 1 tablespoon of green tea powder (and sweet ingredient if you wish), swirl all of them in lightly with a spoon then insert the electrical stirrer and whisk for 2-3 minutes until the green tea powder is dissolved completely into the hot milk.

Once the foam layer atop is defined, sprinkle some black sesame powder or crushed nuts like almond or hazelnut to add texture.

Simple! and Enjoy!

Matcha Oat Latte dotted wth black sesame powder