How I come about starting this Prayer List Blogging

Today, I had my 7th Alpha Course ” God guidance in our lives”
It makes me realise that prayer, praying to GOD is not one way
It is TWO WAY for real

As we are searching for GOD’s guidance, we need to listen out what, how , when, where God is leading us to; be sensitive throughout our thinking process

And to start on self study on Bible with book of John

I have been back in Ireland for almost 2 months now
A nice cozy place to sit in, good food to go by, great companies to have
I am drawn into Alpha course somehow

I am glad I did
The presenter suggested to have a prayer list
While praying, God will speak to us sometimes
God has HIS own timing and place
So, just in case He indicates His ways to us
While we are praying
We jot it down, see if it’s HIM showing us the way

Also, prayer list to serve as a tick of what God has done throughout my life
What prayer/wish that He has fulfilled
To serve as a reminder how blessed I am

Yes, hope to have a prayer to come soon

As I am not dedicated in praying, I shall make it a inseparable habit in days to come
May Lord Jesus guide me through this
I wanna grow spiritually
To be like Jesus


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