Dining Out on one Sat

Since our little brother came up this weekend,so to stop his whining that we never brought him out for dinner.

We decided to have one today, at a Korean/Japanese restaurant and pub. It’s called Kimchi on Parnell Street. We arrived there at peak hour. No table booked, decided to wait for half an hour at a pub located just next to the restaurant instead.

After a good 50 mins wait, which was grand as we had ample time to choose the items carefully from the confusing menu. Had fun time cracking jokes in the pub setting without having to order drinks.

We had unagi teriyaki served in a bento box, crazy roll (loose and over dressed in mayo), kimchi stir fried pork and bulgoggi(beef in sweet sauce) on sizzling plate. Overall, the dishes were alright to Dublin’s standard. One good thing was that the meat are 100% Irish as stated on their menu.

When we got home, sister brought out the selection of desserts from Leon and Fallons & Brynes for my dearie’s belated birthday surprise. That was really nice. Here they are. A selection of tapas style soft cheese desserts, chocolate mousse (divine and nicely sweetened)small cake and blueberries tart.


That’s my sharing of the day. Hope you had a nice day too :)


2 thoughts on “Dining Out on one Sat

  1. Camembert is pretty mild for me ;) Guess its just me. Perhaps you have stored your cheese for a bit too long and it has over-ripened. For a very intense cheese, may I suggest Epoisses

  2. Thanks for the suggestion, would certainly try to get my hands on Epoisses, never tried it before.
    Three quarters of my Camembert is still sitting there, not to my flatmates’ liking..hmm…

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