Marks & Spencer Dinner for Two 15-Jan-2009

I have always been an avid fan of Marks & Spencer (M&S) food stuff, especially the fresh ones. Pricing wise is definitely a deal when there is a reduction going on!  Today, I went for M&S €12.50 meal deal instead of cooking. This set includes one main course, one side dish, one dessert and a bottle of white/red wine.

Seared Wild Scallops

Scallops were seared on a pan served on a bed of salad (treated with balsamic vinegar,olive oil, seasoned with s&s, mixed in with chopped nuts to add in crunch).

I chose wild scallops (12 pieces) as the main, potato dauphinoise as the side dish, chocolate fudge pudding as the dessert and a bottle of Merlot for wine. Since there were two of us, to stretch out this meal deal, we bought another two packets of spring water washed organic rocket herb salads for €3.

A syrupy balsamic vinegar for only €1.99. Two packets of big brown cap mushrooms for only €1 each. There are other miscellaneous items we bought, and oh yes, mini bites of thick choc coated Swiss rolls, two tubs for €6.50.

Before reduction, total would be €50+, turned out to be approx €32 after deductions. Such a real deal.

Wild scallops with baked mushrooms and parsnips

On the side, there were roasted julienne turnip and mushroom slices as well as potato dauphinoise. Since the Merlot wasn’t to our liking, we decided to chuck it away for future red wine sauce.

To end the meal on a high note, this chocolate fudge pudding couldn’t be any better.


Chocolate fudge pudding as dessert

2 thoughts on “Marks & Spencer Dinner for Two 15-Jan-2009

  1. yeah I know, S’pore has Marks n Spencer dry goods only.Don’t worry, ’cause I guarantee you the rojak, laksa, etc in S’pore are more satisfying than any of the food in the blog!

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