Desserts around the world – not quite really

While waiting for a new blog picture to be uploaded soon, I decided to post an entry on the desserts (worth mentioning) that I have tried in the recent 2-3 years. From here, I hope you are able to experience the visual and texture that I have had.

Leon Cafe (Dublin, Ireland) – Chocolate tart (Left); Raspberries tart (Right)

Garibaldi (Singapore ) – Tiramisu


Shimbashi Soba (Singapore) – Red bean paste dessert with rice dumpling drizzled with honey.


Shimbashi Soba (Singapore) – Green tea (Matcha) cheesecake


Goodwood Park Hotel’s Deli (Singapore) – Hazelnut Chocolate Gateau

The choc gateau was actually surprisingly the nicest I have tasted so far. The aroma of hazelnut was all around the dense yet somehow light choc mousse that ended with a light wafer crisp at the bottom, sweetness was just right.


Goodwood Park Hotel’s Deli – Durian tart topped with hazelnut (left) ; Durian puff on its own (right)

Durian puffs were to be kept frozen and to savour after thawing for a short while.Filling was almost like ice cream yet much lighter. Durians were of grade D24 (supreme grade). It is a must try if you are in Singapore.


Honeymoon Dessert (Central, Hong Kong) – Mango pudding; Mango mochi; Sesame paste; Red bean paste; Mango creme brulee; Mango puree

Shangri-La Hotel Buffet (Hong Kong) – An array of desserts

Shangri-La Hotel Buffet (Hong Kong) – More desserts from the buffet

I hope to extend the range of desserts compilation  with more varieties. Stay tuned.


One thought on “Desserts around the world – not quite really

  1. Hi Adel! You’re a real dessert connoisseur, it seems. I like the sound of durian puffs. Delicious…

    Good luck with food adventures in Dublin. There must be loads of undiscovered gems there. Will check back with you soon!

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