Chinese Egg Tarts

Egg tart is a must item in Cantonese Dim Sum spread. In Dublin, I have to fork out €4.50 for a plate of 3 egg tarts at a Cantonese restaurant. Don’t get me wrong, they are pretty decent. However, buying as an option is not viable in the long run.

Chinese Egg Tarts, before baking

Thus, bebe decided to whip up egg tarts out of desperation to cruch the craving and to stretch the Euros more..much much more..

Baked Chinese Egg Tarts

I have no idea what the recipe is, I was only interested to sink my teeth into those dainty eggy tarts. Yes, this session dawn on me that I should attempt baking. So, I should very soon..

Updated in Aug 2009; One commentator voiced his/her concern over the absence of the recipe. So, I asked the maker of the egg tarts and he referred me to this recipe. So, there you go. Hope you are happy with this link.


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