Recipe:French Onion Soup (With a Cheap Twist)

I finally arrive at French Onion Soup today still in the fight against the relentless wet and coldness. You might wonder what’s that title above suppose to mean? ‘With a cheap twist’?


I had to admit, the stinginess and laziness side in me took over the principle to stay true to the authentic soup recipe. Rather than using good firm bread and Gruyere cheese as well as a quality beef stock. I succumbed to baguette, cheddar cheese, chicken stock and skipped fresh thyme for dried oregano and parsley as they were already in my cabinets.

Well, the results turned out to be reasonable I thought. Of course, I admit that there was a downfall to the soup incorporating ‘cheap’ ingredients. The baguette slices turned out to be mushy (but still afloat in the soup) and thus the texture wasn’t good. But hey, if you are hungry, anything (except stale food) goes right?

I started out having a rough day inside and outside the house, after the soup, it calmed everyone down including myself. Oh yes, I followed the video recipe by Chef Keith on Youtube.


2 thoughts on “Recipe:French Onion Soup (With a Cheap Twist)

  1. beef stock is 100% key in french onion soup… otherwise its like making chicken soup using vegetables only.

    One tip I can give you to make the best french onion soup is to cook the onions for a very very long time (2-3 hrs) under very low heat as this gives better flavour.

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