Fried Chicken Frenzy in Two Ways

I stumbled upon free range chicken wings and chicken oyster thighs at reduced price at a local grocery. Without second thought, I snapped them up for I knew already they are going to be fried in two recipes.

Fried chicken wings

I used an imported (by myself of course) flour mix from Indonesia for frying the crunchiest chicken drumsticks or any chicken pieces. Only one packet left, I used it with great precaution to make sure there was no spillage and wastage.

Since it was a ready made flour mix. All I had to do is to wash up the chicken wings, then pat dry with kitchen towel. Sprinkle fine sea salt over the meat. Leave them aside for 10 mins to absorb the salt. Meanwhile, heat up the oil, before frying, dip the salted chicken wings into the bowl of flour mix evenly. Once the wings turn golden brown, off the oil onto a plate layered with kitchen towel.

I used chopsticks to handle the wings while frying as I find them very versatile. The fried wings texture were not presentable I agree, but proudly, they tasted good (and sinful).

Thai fried chicken oyster thighs

I have used the recipe adapted from Rasa Malaysia meant for chicken wings. I prefer meatier bite to this recipe thus I went for chicken thighs instead.

I modified the recipe twice. Since I couldn’t find cilantro/coriander root (or rather lazy), I went for dried coriander instead.

For the flour mix, I used a different composition as opposed to the one suggested in the recipe. I had a mixture of tapioca, rice and plain flour instead of rice, corn and plain/all purpose flour.

Verdict of the modified recipe: The flavour of the marinating ingredients penetrated into the chicken (after sitting overnight in the fridge). It was good. The flour mix went well I thought. I under fried them though. Then, had to oven baked to cook them further. Still turned out tasty according to my guests. Hehe..but not that presentable I admit.


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