Pizzeria at home

Meant to post this a while ago when A started making pizza from scratch at home.

He made the pizza dough mixed with dried herbs and black pepper. Couldn’t get the exact recipe for the dough composition as he went along with feeling while making it. For my part, I did the toppings when the dough was rolled out.

The combination pulled out were as following …

Saute diced chicken (marinated in sesame oil, chilli powder, dried parsley, sea salt and black pepper), chopped garlic in fresh sour cream (this is my surprise to guests), sliced onion strips, button mushroom slices, pineapple chunks, fresh Mozarella!
Heart Shaped Pizza
Beef sausage slices, chopped red pepper, tomato puree (for the base),baby spinach leaves, thin onion slices, button mushroom slices, Mozarella in readily grated form or/and fresh ones.
Vegetarian Feast
Layer the dough with tomato puree first followed by garlic sour cream as second layer. Then, spinach leaves (or frozen spinach bits)and mushroom slices finishing off with Mozarella on top.

Surprise was the sour cream. The guests started to question the creamy texture found in the midst of pizza. They guessed fresh cream, they guessed mayonnaise..nobody knew it was sour cream and they fancied it.

As I prefer to have a piquant and hot touch to the pizza. I chopped small fresh chillies and sprinkled onto the pizzas before baking.

Hope the above suggested pizza toppings help with your pizza making attempts.


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