Garibaldi (SG)

Restaurant: Garibaldi

Location: Purvis Street

Type: Italian

Date of visit: Nov 2006

This was my maiden fine dining treat received when I started on a new job in a a foreign land. Blessed it was.

I used to expressed to A that I like pasta, cheese and just any flavoursome food. He came up with this fine Italian restaurant for a surprise (thank you dear A if you are reading this).

The shop is situated in a nest of fine dining restaurants. Upon entering, a courteous waiter (dressed in formal black and white suit) greeted us and directed us to the booked table by the window. The walls were painted in black. Though the interior was elegant yet simple with  the black &white theme. I was thankful to be seated at the huge opaque curtained window, because the dark walls were not agreeing with my claustrophobia.

Without any homework done on the menu beforehand and with limited experience of dining in a high end restaurant. I accidentally ordered the S$8 Perrier bottle of water upon recommendation thinking the waiter said iced water (felt somewhat tricked because the waiter was so quick in opening the chilled bottled Perrier and poured into my glass that I didn’t get to turned it down, it was something I still regretted till now, I would never ever pay so much for ONLY water!).

Moving away from the absurd order. Let’s talk about the dishes. Another mistake here, should have gone for the set lunch instead of ordering items a la carte. Sheesh..Ok, for appetisers.

Thought you would like to know that I am describing the following dishes to the best of my memory here with the aid of the establishment’s website menu, anyway, glad to find out only one dish in 2006 is still retained in 2009 menu.

I had Capesante al Taleggio(Grilled US Scallops with Porcini Mushroom and Truffled Taleggio Fondue). Well scented, sizable and juicy scallops that were well seared gave so much pleasure to my taste buds. 

Capesante al Taleggio

Appetiser for A was something like fried battered huge king prawns with Thai dressing. The batter coating was light and crispy while the prawns maintained plump and crunchy. Thai dressing was surprisingly not overwhelming, the acidity was just right to balance off the fried prawns.

fried battered huge king prawns with Thai dressing

For entrees, I had ravioli stuffed with pumpkin and something else. I could still remember the disappointing texture of the ravioli. The ravioli skin was somewhat tough. The stuffing was not exciting either, flat tasting.

ravioli stuffed with pumpkin and something else

And guess what, none of us remember what A had for main, end of story.

Lastly, to end the lunch on a high note. We went for a classic Tiramisu (with Homemade Lady-Finger Biscuits, Licorice Scented) to share among two of us.



I was visually entertained by the huge plate of fine decoration on the plate. At the same time, I was disappointed by the small size of Tiramisu presented. After all, it is a S$15 cake, I expected a proportional size. Cake texture was good despite of the puny size. We liked the two chocolate pieces offered on the plate as some sort of ‘consolation’.

Overall dining experience was somewhat up and down. Total damage: S$200 + for two.


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