Gotham Cafe (Dublin)

Restaurant: Gotham Cafe

Location:South Anne’s Street (just off Grafton Street)

Type: Mixture of Mexican, Asian, European cuisines

Date of visit: Oct 2008

This casual dining place off one of the popular shopping streets in Dublin is fairly popular I guess. The curiosity for this restaurant trip was largely due to strong recommendation by sister C.

When we arrived at the restaurant, it was only 11.30am. We were greeted by a young and smiley gentlemen. There were about four small tables at al fresco area located just outside the entrance to the restaurant with a canvas barricade.

As soon as we stepped in, a rectangular room with rather purplish blue lighting was in sight. A medium sized bar was attached to the left of the room. We walked further down passing by the bar , we were seated to the left of the room at a two seater. Darker feel to the room with more purplish hint. A coffee coloured cushioned sofa stretch along the wall, across the sofa was a square table and a wooden&metal chair. The same setting goes to the right wall too.

As lunch time approached, the restaurant was packed. Thus, neighbouring table was too close for any comfort.
We decided to share one starter and one main course (pizza).

Chicken Sticks With Garlic Dressing (Mildly spiced chicken skewers on a roast chilli salsa with a garlic mayonnaise dressing and freshly baked pizza bread)

Grilled chicken was tender with juice retained. Spices were rounded up well, delightful dressing. Not a bad start at all.

Main was called Tribecca, it consisted of Thai Prawns, roasted sweet peppers, courgette, fresh garlic and coriander with mozzarella cheese and a spicy chilli and tomato sauce.

Surprisingly, pizza base was not done properly, we came across parts of uncooked dough at the centre of the base. Pizza toppings were a let down. King prawns quantity was little for Eur 16+. They were halved prawns sparsely sprinkled across the pizza, quite an ordinary pizza.

Total damage was  €23+ for one starter and one pizza as main shared among two persons. After this session, I am not keen to be back there.


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