Wine Garage [Closed]

Restaurant: Wine Garage

Location: Riverside Point (Just walk all the way down Clarke Quay)

Type: French, Italian with Californian twist

Date of visit: Apr 2008

Without further elaboration, the introduction to this restaurant could be read from their website. Though wine is the blatant obvious  items to be tried here, dishes were our main concerns when A and myself were recommended by an ex-colleague to try out their “Garage” Burger. Drawn to their enticing menu on their website, we were impatient to try out.

Here, I shall try my best to describe the flavours and textures of the dishes to the best of my memory.

The day has finally arrived for us to step into this establishment. It was a rainy and cool evening. Upon entering the restaurant, I was greeted with the sight of a long room with mirrored walls at the end the room. It was almost like a hallway with the only walking space straight through the middle of room. On the left, there were tables and chairs of wooden & metal made. On the right, there was a long stretch of cushioned comfy sofa (with small pillows too), tables and chairs.

The waitress was friendly and apparently also a sommelier. We were served promptly with a bowl of warm corn crisps and a bowl of  hummus within 5 minutes after sitting down. Best of all, this warm welcome dish was complimentary. Already impressed.



  • For mains, A had baby veal cheeks with potato puree. The veal was really tender and flavoursome.



  • I decided to go for Portugese Style Seafood Stew with Roasted Peppers, Chickpeas and Garlic Bread. I was not impressed at all by this dish. Thought it was a bland and ordinary tomato base dish.Seafood was not excitingly fresh. Overall, thumbs down. The only console offered was free flow of warm and well made in house garlic bread.


Wine wise. Honestly, I am not a wine person and I have no knowledge of wine really. All I could recollect was of a champagne recommended (extracted from WG website: Chardonnay-Pinot Blanc-Pinot Meunier, Ca’del Bosco, Brut,Franciacorta, Lombardy, Italy) for the seafood dish. A had red wine (extracted from WG webisite: Syrah/ Blend, Barbieri Wine Company, Colson Canyon Vineyard,Santa Barbara County, California, United States) for veal.

Overall dining experience was pleasant. Total damage was S$200 thereabout for two. Next time I would only try the “Garage” burger and nothing else.


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