Recipe:Stuffed Cucumber(Supposedly Courgette..oops)

I am so glad to have found Italian Foodies page based in Limerick, Ireland. She has very nicely done food pictures and authentic Italian recipes. Today, I attempted Stuffed Courgettes from her recipe.

However, I do not have mozarella nor parmesan (and avoiding to go out in the cold)thus I substitued it with cheddar.Fresh basil was replaced by dried basil and tomato cherries with chopped vine tomatoes. I hope she does not mind me spoiling the recipe.

Here is my version based on Lor’s recipe. Oh yes, guess what, I found out later it was cucumber I used. Duh!

Yeah, I should have the tomatoes in smaller chunks, otherwise, need to stick to tomato cherries. Overall dish was a tad watery in mouth due to cucumber (a lesson to myself to use original recipe).

Second attempt with additional chopped spring onion..


One thought on “Recipe:Stuffed Cucumber(Supposedly Courgette..oops)

  1. haha that’s so funny about the cucumber:) Glad you tried it out and liked it. Congrats on the move to wordpress, soooo much better. I must add a link to your site!


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