Ikoi (Singapore)

Restaurant: Ikoi

Location: 401, Havelock Road, Singapore 169631

Type: Japanese food, buffet style

Date of visit: Nov 2007

I haven’t quite yet expressed any cooking or liking towards Japanese food so far in this blog. Yes, I am an avid Japanese food fan. Ironically, this liking was only picked up in the recent 2 years.

For example, sashimi, I have to say the raw cold meat slipping down my throat is an acquired taste. Then, followed by wasabi & soya sauce dip to gives sashimi the burst of flavour is more addicting that I ever thought. Finally, I turned into one of those Japanese food enthusiasts.

This good fresh Japanese food outlet is situated in Miramar Hotel in the vicinity of Riverside point. The buffet was S$71 with GST (Vat) for 2 persons. Yes, it’s all you can eat. We went there around 11.30am to beat the crowd. The crowd cropped up by 12pm anyway. At that point, I felt so glad to have a table booked a week before to taste the fruit of early preparation.

The restaurant has small tables due to its small interior. It could be cramped at ‘peak hour’, however, I felt that it was cozy and nice. Pictures paint a thousand words. Let’s just have a look at food and you decide for yourself.

  • Salmon sashimi; Salmon belly sashimi(the tender fat melts in the mouth); Wasabi paste mixed in with soya sauce.


  • Assorted shashimi plate (Tuna, salmon, yellowtail); Chicken karaage on the right.


  • Prawn tempura (wonderful ligh and cripsy batter); Maki with roes.


  • Grilled mackerel thin fillets (nicely grilled, simple yet full of flavour); Grilled fish(I think it’s cod) fin.


This place warrants a least a visit. I would definitely go back for a second helping and third and fourth…


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