101 Talbot (Dublin)

This is quite a small cozy restaurant, it’s packed up even during weekday evenings. This establishment is located upstairs where you could reach by a flight of stair. In the middle of the room, there is a big squarish sink filled up with seats indeed. Along all sides of the square are laid out with tables and chairs too. I notice that seats are quite close to each other in the Dublin restaurants visited so far.

There were 10 of us on a Thurs evening. We were seated in the square sink at  a long table. Table and chairs were small sized, closely packed to neighbours. The diners at upper floor could have a literal plane view of what we were eating, doing … Felt being watched really and uncomfortable. However, with the wacky company around, after chatting and cracking jokes. For me, I felt easier as the evening went by.

The menu is reasonably priced. The ingredients and dishes were fresh and unpretentious.  All in all, we had a fun and hearty birthday meal.

Stuffed chicken breast with leeks smothered in some sort of cream cheese sauce (Eur 14+) - Grilled chicken was juicy and tender. Stuffing with leek mashed potato was flavoursome. The bed of zucchini and sun dried tomatoes were well grilled too.

Assortment of grilled veg in cream sauce (Eur 14+). According to AN, they were all well seasoned and grilled. The sauce accentuated each veg taste nicely. The plate consisted of broccoli, sun dried tomatoes, red pepper dotted with pine nuts.

Grilled salmon with asparagus served with new potatoes (Eur 16+). Salmon was grilled to perfection, flaky and moist.

Seafood linguine with scampi, mussels and salmon bits (Eur 16+) - I regretted ordering this dish, overall flavour did not work for me. Mussels' were small, scampi were hard to deal with while trying to dine without fuss.

Raspberry cheesecake (Eur 6.50), good and firm however it was only raspberry sauce.

Warm brownie fudge served with cream (Eur 6.50). A good, warm and moist brownie.

A no-frills place like this warrants a visit for an honest fresh Irish fare. I would go back again.

Address:  101, Talbot street, Dublin
101 Talbot
Date of visit: Nov 2008


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