Millers Pizza Kitchens (Dublin)

Restaurant: Millers Pizza Kitchens

Location: Baggot Street

Type: Pizza (with twists)

Date of visit: Sept 2006

This is quite an interesting pizza place in Dublin. Mind you the pizza is pricey(Eur 18+) and comes in one size (9″ if I remember correctly). It is well known for its range of interesting stone bake pizza. Of course, they also offer a wide range of starters.

This is another tiny restaurant with tiny seats and cramped to the maximum! I had to literally sit with the table stuck in front of my chest so that the customer behind me could sit as I sit. Not so sure about the crowd nowadays in the midst of economy crisis for this expensive pizza though..

  • Carribean Jerk Chicken Pizza (A pizza topped with nicely marinated chicken. Pizza crust was just as good ).
  • Pepperoni pizza (A more normal pizza here, good portion of pepperoni, black olives, pepper slices. All in all, faired well.)
  • Seafood pizza (This is a super salty pizza! Why? There were big slices of salted anchovies dotted around pizza, prawns were a little and I couldn’t remember if there was any other seafood on it.The saltiness took away any pleasure nor taste to the pizza. I don’t recommend this really!)
  • Thai black tiger prawn pizza (This pizza is by far our favourite, there are big tiger king prawns all around the pizza. The visual impact here was the two slices of pineapples sticking up when presented. There was also coconut cream on the pizza to make it Thai-ish).

In my opinion, it deserves at least a visit to be ‘intimidated’. Guess what? I received Millers’ voucher from C as last Christmas gift.

So, I will be stepping into this pizzeria again and update you with a different set of pizzas.


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