China trip : Meizhou; Hong Kong; Shanghai

We had a family trip back in Jun/July 2008 touring China to visit relatives that we have never met in our lives before. Also, to attend cousin R’s wedding.

With great regret, I didn’t shoot any pictures in Shanghai as I had a heat stroke. For Meizhou and Hong Kong, I managed to capture a few pictures of what we ate. Let me take you through them now..


  • Dim Sum in Kowloon, Hong Kong – quite the same as seen in the rest of the world right?


  • Authentic and comforting home made Hakka dishes by relatives at Meizhou – Yong Tau Foo, Chinese radish balls and pork knuckle stew in Chinese black  vinegar.


  • Typical Hakka fried snacks, home made


  • Fresh water eels from relative’s paddy field


  • Grass Jelly in Meizhou, China – I was told this is the authentic type that guarantees to expel the heats from inner body during summer. I thought it was really refreshing though bittersweet, I could feel the instant cooling effect upon eating.


  • Some very nice, authentic Hakka dishes served at restaurant in Meizhou


  • Mango desserts from Xu Liu Shan at Causeway Bay, Hong Kong


  • Selection of desserts from Shangri-La buffet in Hong Kong


  • Lastly, a shot of cousin R’s wedding in a Shanghai church – courtesy of R


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