Chatter Box @ Meritius Mandarin Hotel S’pore

Restaurant: Chatter Box

Location: Meritius Mandarin Hotel, Orchard Road, Singapore

Type: Typical Singaporean hawker dishes (at higher price tags)

Date of visit: July 2008

Hainanese chicken rice is an ubiquitous dish in Malaysia and Singapore. Not sure of  its popularity back in Hainan province in China though.

Chicken rice consists of a bowl of boiled rice flavoured with chef’s own recipe, steamed chicken and a bowl of clear broth. Each item would incorporated chicken flavour.

Condiments to this dish are indispensable where there is a range of them. They are chilli paste with vinegar, soya sauce and dice garlic served in separate compartments.

In Singapore, there is an establishment that is said to have the top chicken rice in Singapore (and top ten in the world? ). Before leaving Singapore and to humour my famillies from overseas on such a popular dish, I burnt a hole treating them (10 of us) on just chicken rice.

Ambiance was superb as the restaurant was situated on a high floor (forgot which level), with a view of  Orchard Road and the vicinity at night. The air conditioner was freezing though, the waitress kindly offered us a light scarf each to keep warm, nice.  Service was painfully slow ovreall though, one waitress was friendly, the other one was ignorant.

Food wise, the dish was good but S$20for a set of chicken rice again? Nah! Oh yes, S$20 was already a promotional price as  there was an offer of 2 portions of chicken rice for S$40, original price tag was S$24 a portion excluding GST and service charge.

And yes, my famillies thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience of dining on chicken rice and having a night city view. So, it all good :) .


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