Recipe:Chicken Fajitas

I followed this brilliant site for chicken fajitas. I was impressed at how detailed Videao Jug explains every step including what and how to use the utensils needed.

Most of you might have known already this very simple Mexican dish. In my rendition, I added tomato puree  and minus two or three ingredients like ground nutmeg and cinnamon (’cause I didn’t have them at time of cooking).

in the pans

Take note that the most important step is to have lime marinated chicken breasts. This would ensure a very light and refreshing touch to the dish. As I used the ready-made tortillas, I heated the slice in a shallow frying pan for a crispier texture before having it wrapped up.

On the plate ready to be wrapped and eaten.


2 thoughts on “Recipe:Chicken Fajitas

  1. Hey lah..If you read the date of visits to the entries based in Singapore..they were from 2006-2008..was catching up with the missed action in restaurant reviews and reminiscing..hehe..
    Again, nice pics on your nostalgia trip in lastest entry! Look forward to your next culinary visit!

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