Home Assembled Valentine Day’s Burger

How did your Valentine day go? Are you the type who never buy Valentine commercialism? Or you are a Valentine day  follower?

For myself, honestly, seriously, I never celebrated Valentine day. Be it one-to-one or with a group of friends. This year round,  under C’s suggestion and due to family obligation, we decided to have one this year. A Valentine meal with 7 people. Ha! Not an even number as our brother D is , well, single.

Upon reading the above title, wipe off the cloud of thoughts of heart-shaped burger or buns. None of that will turn up in the pictures below, haha! We decided to have easily prepared dinner on Valentine day and thus resorting to comforting burger! Yes, why eat out? Especially in the midst of credit crunch and winter..

Anyway, the rest of the ingredients to go with the burgers were red onions, lettuce, mushroom and cheeseee. Condiments would be ketchup, mustard or mayonnaise. For buns, we went for the normal ones from supermarket. For beef patties, I chose the ones from local butcher store (Clyden Bros) for the quality Irish beef with leaner cuts.

The burger below has three doses of green paste,  what is it?

Green paste was wasabi that gave got my nostrils runny and eyes watery at the last few bites. Ah…overdose. We ended the night by watching Slumdog Millionaire. Good movie and nice soundtrack!

One complain I have is that there is no designated seating in Dublin cinema, after trudging through the crowds of getting to the screen. We ended up sitting at the front row..how annyoing is that! We booked it and pay booking fees. All in all, it was a good Valentine.


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