Brussel Sprouts (Singapore)

Restaurant: Brussel Sprouts

Location: The Pier, Roberston Walk, Mohd Sultan Road

Type: European

Date of visit: Nov 2007

This establishment is situated in a concentration of western style restaurants and bars, mainly patronised by expatriates and tourists. I mentioned the type of crowd here and so you could imagine the price tag is also ‘adjusted’ accordingly, you know what I mean?

M held this dinner outing for 7 of us. It was during Deepavali/Diwali public holiday and so the place was quite crowded. Luckily, table was booked and it is always good to prepare early.

The much talked about item of this restaurants was actually the free flow handcut fries that comes with a plate of mussels prepared in a good range of variety. I did not remember seeing brussel sprouts in the menu.

I liked the airy and bright yellowish ambiance. Moreoever, it is situated beside the river, so, after the eating bouts, we had a walk along the river. We skipped the bar/pub hopping as all of us had to work the next day. Not that I am into alcohol anyway :).

I managed to snap two pictures of mussels in two recipe. Mussels were fairly ok. Freshness was there. The handcut chips were fresh and good, more over, you could order and order again (I practically skipped lunch of the day to save my appetite for the chips).

Tomato & basil baked mussels

Parsley and cheese baked mussels

For mains , I remembered having fusilli with smoked salmon and caviar while A had some lamb dish which faired ok. Pasta dish upset me as it was salty and bland.

I had to search through the deep plate of fusilli to find bits of smoked salmon, hmmm..(head shake) and caviar used was of the lowest grade (tiny weeny black dots). It was S$26+ per plate (another head shake).

All in all, this casual and fun restaurant derserves a visit if you are in the vicinity. I am not keen to be back though.


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