Eddie Rockets (Dundrum Shopping Centre)

Restaurant: Eddie Rockets

Location: Dundrum Shopping Centre

Type: (err..family style) American Fast Food Chain

Date of visit: 8 Mar 2009

It was a Sun noon, went out to Dundrum to look around (after not being there for 2 years). Stomach grumbling, so, we went through the directory page stuck onto a pillar by the escalator. Supposed to be eating healthy since Sat, spoiled the plan totally when Eddie Rockets was chosen. All good..

As we stepped into the shop, we stopped at a STOP sign, waited a while for a waitress to humour us finally whom then pointed her finger towards a table of four.  Sat down, greeted with a white table dotted with slimy specks of drinks , sauce, who knows what else. Waited another while to get an attention to have the table cleaned (wiped onto the floor! ).

All right, let’s just look at the items tried and comments.

JC had Smokestack burger - he said it was nice.

M Fifty burger-I had a bite,good and juicy but Swiss cheese wasn't enough..

While I thought The Moby Dick was bland, not worth the price. McDonad's Fillet-O would be much better!

We ordered a bowl of Cheese Fries with Chillies to share. You know what, skip this, you won't feel like having this after a serving of burger. Moreover, the chillies were so so.

Drinks wise, Choc Oreo Malt Shake and Vanilla Oreo Malt Shake, rich!

Total bill for three was €35. Overall…..

It’s fast food, what do you expect?!

The above was only burger listing of 2 paged laminated menu.


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