Hi all, don’t know if you have noticed that I have just changed my blog name from existing So Food (which is this page’s domain name partly but couldn’t be changed unless I create another account  – too much hassle after attempting, gave up:( ) to

So Food was inspired by my bebe after we took pictures of letters made of paper pins out of pure fun. Recently, I did a search on internet to see if there are other existing blogs entitled with So Food (silly really to do it only now). Yes, there are, sofood.blogspot and etc.

Oops… before I get my blog conflicted with other domains (breeching of copyright down the road perhaps), I decided to personalise my personal food blog further. I am glad I did too. The layout of the blog name was also partly contributed by my bebe.

Again, thank you for bearing with me dear readers, I thank you for making it this far. I will continue to blog on my cooking adventure (if I haven’t bored you out, will venture into fusion cuisine) and restaurant trips as well as once-in-a-blue-moon travelling moments.



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