Dunne & Crescenzi (Dublin)

Restaurant: Dunne & Crescenzi

Type: Italian

Location: South Frederick Street (off Nassau Street)

Date of visit: 12 Mar 2009

Half way through Thurs late night shopping with sisters for her wedding dress and wedding bands (which was not fruitful but picked up on knowledge of  wedding preparation though), C and I complained of stomach grumbling (imagine going straight shopping after work for C, for me, from home without lunch) .

After 20 mins in futile search of good valuable dinner spot, out of desperation to settle off dinner, C hastily suggested an Italian restaurant nearby. So, off we went, before reaching the entrance, we could see it was already jam packed inside. We worried of not getting seats and half wanted to escape. We chanced anyway, waited only for a few mins at the door to be directed to a small square table with 3 seats (last minute set up) in the midst of the busy restaurant.

Again, my complain here is a  closely packed table, with about 5 cm gap of my table with the next table (without even a chair in between). Ambiance wise, it’s dimly lit and cozy with good buzz .   All around, I could see well stocked wines being displayed at all walls, even at nooks and corners in the shop.

Warm staff, well mannered and quick. Food came quickly thankfully, within 15 mins after order. Now, the highlights of this review, let’s look at the dishes and review below.

Daily special of Linguine with Monk fish, Zucchini and Parmesan (€15)

The best dish among the three we ordered, no fish to be seen, only fish shredding stirred in  for flavouring really. Portion could be bigger though for this price.

Daily special of Calamarata with Pecorino, Smoked Ham and Broccoli (€13)

I had  my first calamarata here because of this dish, probably it was just me not used to the tough texture of this pasta, tasted like undercooked (where I had indigestion after this, probably just moi). Pecorino and smoked ham added nice rustic flavour to this dish (C found it too salty). Again, portion was small really.

Lasagne with organic Irish beef , Pork, Aubergine and Zucchini (€12)

Individual lasagne made and served in a round dish. At first, the inside of lasagne didn’t cook properly, still cold. Requested for a hot one, new and hot dish came back in a few minutes. C thought it was so-so, a tad salty and oily.

Total bill for 3 dishes were Eur 40 (no obligatory service charge,phew!).

On the side line, I had hot chocolate from this very shop during one afternoon a while back, under recommendation by C that they serve nice and thick (small sized) hot chocolate at only €1.75. When it was my turn to try out, I wasn’t given a choice of a small hot chocolate, so, I paid about  €2.30 for a cup which looked like a normal cup size to me. The taste didn’t turn out as expected, it was too milky and not much chocolate hint in it. Ripped off for that, dissapointing.


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