Day out at Bray, Dublin

We headed out to Bray for a walk today. Of course, food was never apart from travelling.

Bray Head


For a quick bite we had Fish & Chips from a takeaway. Store front of Seaside Fast Food (claimed to be the best in Bray?)


Fish (Eur 5.80 ) - thick and juicy fried cod fillet with a few thin bones found at the end, good batter but turned soggy easily after vinegar seasoning and then eating halfway through, understandable. Chips (Eur 2.40) without pics here, forgot to take! Chips are as good as from a good chipper.


Further down the walk, this ice-cream (maybe gelato, taste more like ice-cream if it is) parlour caught my attention.

Store front of Gelateria. See the big round glass top in the middle of the shop? That's where the selection of ice cream is, revolving in a huge round container with partitions inside.
2 scoops (Eur 4) - Cookies & Cream (bottom) and Malteser (top), both were nice. I like the Malteser choc coating bits.

The girl was nice to offer to replenish without charge when a dollop of orange ice cream fell onto the ground due to our own mishandling.

Overall, it was really a nice day out at Bray.


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