Hotel Chocolat

I am glad to have found another chocolatier called  Hotel Chocolat originating from UK. I have never heard of it even though Dublin is so near to UK.  Apparently, this company grows their own cacao.

Sister C bought it during her trip at Leeds which was reduced from £30 to £15.

This set resembles ‘express’ chocolate fondue set with 4 medium pots of different chocolate dip (milk chocolate, dark chocolate, white chocolate and caramel chocolate). Dipping items are Florentines, marshmallows, brazil nuts and etc.

My opinion… I thought if you want to enjoy the chocolate pots more, it is better to have fruits for dipping instead of the ones already in the box (except marshmallows). Because the accompanying chocolaty items are already good and rich enough on their own.

Overall, this first experience with Hot Chocolat did not really blow me away. Quite ordinary.


4 thoughts on “Hotel Chocolat

  1. Hi Adel, I saw that tasting box on their website and nearly bought it … but their stuff is pricey when delivery is included :-(
    But I am interested to hear that it was not as wow as the marketing implies. I’d love to try their Liquid Chocolate – sounds very interesting. My Mum bought be a chocolate fondue in LIDL which works a treat!

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