Ireland: Ring of Kerry, Killarney

We decided to set out to Kerry for a day trip as it is one of the top 10 destinations recommended by Lonely Planet according to our visitors.

If I were to tick Kerry off my list as a place to go for sight seeing, it will never be done. So, I am glad this trip was done and over with. Oh, don’t get me wrong, Kerry is a scenic and beautiful place but the travelling time was quite demanding. Train ride from Dublin to Killarney is 3 1/2 hours with one change of station. Eur 56 return for an adult when purchased online from

We took 7am train from Dublin, reached Killarney station at 10.28 am. I have arranged with a coach company’s personnel to pick us up at the ticket office from Killarney train station so we could join the tour which  started at approx. 10.30am. Eur 27 per person for the tour (

I was surprised at the almost fully packed 46-seats coach. Also, I observed that many other coaches were quite full too, mostly 46 seats bus, I saw a mini bus tour but couldn’t remember the name still after making a mental note. A tip here, Google more thoroughly for a better rate or for less crowded tour coach if you intend to have a nicer day trip or two in Kerry.

Destination guide done by the coach driver/tour guide was quite sloppy I thought, couldn’t hear a thing what he said. Nonetheless, he was a nice chap. He helped around to take pictures and stuff. His pet, a cute and obedient black Labrador named Boo followed us throughout the 10.30pm – 5pm journey. No kidding!

We stopped off at a few places of lunch, toilet break, souvenir picking and sight seeing. Overall, the tour was grand but could be a little bit boring, spent most of the time sitting in the bus looking out of the window for mountains and coast line. All in all, all good.


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