Ireland: Wicklow

For a trip in the Garden of Ireland, we joined a guided tour on a smaller bus (, €26 for student, €28 for adult). This time, at the comfort of being near Dublin. Just an hour drive from city centre.

During our tour, it was quite a pity that visibility was dramatically reduced due to the fog and so we couldn’t see much more of the sights.

By the way, we saw Daniel Day Lewis cycling through the mountain, for real. I love his role in There Will Be Blood, couldn’t believe that he looks so much younger and fitter in real life. He was just engrossed in his cycling and didn’t give a care in the world while we were all excited, jumping up and down on the bus taking pics and video of him when he passed us by a few times! Quite a guy!

I think that was the highlight of my Wicklow tour rather than the sightings. Anyway, let’s move on to some of the sceneries.

Guinness Lake. It is not the lake water used for brewing, just a nick name as the lake is black and the man made beach was white. This pic was not taken behind the window, it was on site, you could see how foggy it is.


Typical arch shaped entrances to a monastery building.
Monastery, the stones were literally stacked on top of each other throughout construction of the walls and buildings in the compound.


En route to Upper Lake, this is the Lower Lake.
Some of the flowers seen in the nursery of Avoca Handweavers shop and the vicinity. This is a variety of orchid seen.

No idea what these flowers called.I am sure I will find out soon.

2 thoughts on “Ireland: Wicklow

  1. Foodieah says:

    Lovely scenery pictures! I was in the UK for 11 years and I never visited Ireland. You never think about it, so long as it’s next door…

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