Ming Court (Blanchardstown)

Restaurant: Ming Court

Type: Chinese (mainly Cantonese) cuisine

Location: Blanchardstown Centre

Date of Visit: 30 Mar 2009

We travelled all the way to Blanchardstown for one thing. One event that is best enjoyed from early morning through to noon time. That is the Dim Sum fare.

Normally ( once in 1 or 2 months), my family would gather at Good World Restaurant (Georges Street, Dublin) for dim sum lunch due the convenience of being in city centre. This place does good dim sum too, however to my slight annoyance, they have it at the same price tags but smaller portions compared to Ming Court.

Since today we managed to take day off for a get-together, we opt for Ming Court naturally. Moreover, there is the shopping centre to hop over to walk off the meal.

Let’s start eating and less talking. I will try my best to translate the meaning of each dim sum dish that is in Cantonese. Oh yes, before I carry on, I came across the paper cut-outs framed and displayed at the entrance which are the reviews done by Chris Binchy and Ernie Whalley on separate occasions.

  • Facade of Ming Court (not easy to find in Blanchardstown I thought).


  • A feel of the dim sum selections which includes chicken feet with skin on. Typically, a range of €4 to €5 for a portion ( a bamboo steamer with 3-4 items inside).

I would like to comment on the very well spaced tables. As the establishment is situated on an upper floor, two flights of stairs will bring you there. Of course, there is a lift as well.


  • A plate of Egg Custard Tarts (Dan Tat), King Prawns Wrapped in Bun , Mixed Meat Croquette and Coconut & Custard Filled Bun ( no Cantonese terms here as I don’t really know their original term) – All are good but relatively less tempting compared to the steamed dim sum counterparts. €4.50 times 4 (4 varieties).


  • Now, just to explain a few items one by one. This is Steamed Beef Balls with Dry Bean Curd (€4.50) – Well sized and seemingly hand made beef ball, nicely fragranced with chives, ginger and other ingredients. Quality of beef tasted fresh and texture is springy and juicy.


  • Gow Choy Gao (Chinese chives dumpling, €4.50) – My mum’s favourite. Prawn, fresh Chinese chives, ginger slices and don’t know what else, but it’s refreshing.


  • Har Cheung Fun (King Prawn wrapped in flat flour paste, €4.50) – My all time favourite, a must-order dish when I go for dim sum. Juicy and fresh king prawns wrapped in the thin yet firm paste. The sweet soya sauce is a must to round up the overall taste.


  • Har Gow (King Prawn Dumpling, €4.50) – Another dim sum staple of mine, fresh and springy big prawns wrapped in translucent skin. Well flavoured with thin ginger strips inside.


  • Seafood Hor Fun (Seafood flat rice noodles, about €13) – I am glad to see fresh and big mussels, scallops and also whole king prawns as well as egg and bak choi garnishing that make up this moist noodle dish. Overall taste was good. I am delighted with the consistent fresh seafood and meat so far.


  • Lor Mai Kai (Minced pork with Chinese sausage and chicken chunks wrapped in glutinous rice, it is wrapped in a big flat leaf and steamed until cooked, €4.50) – good succulent filling.


  • Char Siew Bao (Flavoured minced pork bun in gravy, €4) – Nice fluffy bun, filling was good but could be fresher (ignore the foliage underneath, that doesn’t come with the bun).


  • At the end of dim sum feast. Full and ready to walk it off around the nearby shops.


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