Home Delivery: Bombay Pantry (Rathmines)

We tried out Bombay Pantry on Sun night. I remembered trying it once a good few years ago while being a student living in Rathmines. They have good Indian food only available for pick up or home delivery.

Quickly, I went online to search for the contact number. Aha! They have a website now, even with online order but not available for most places. After browsing through the menu, I phoned for a delivery enthusiastically.

Delivery time took about 1 hr and food arrived reasonably warm if not hot. Acceptable still. What pleased us was the hearty portion, good flavour and fresh meat.

  • Tandoori BBQ Special (€11.95; A selection of tandoori chicken breast,lamb seekh 3 pcs and chicken tikka 4pcs; Copied from website) – This set came with a complimentary naan bread and two tubs of sauce (yoghurt with cucumber & tomato base).

I couldn’t believe the huge portion chicken breast and chunks. The meat looked tough on the outside, but it  was succulent when eaten. However, the chicken was seasoned too lightly and looked plain for tandoori. Tasting wise, a tinge of spice but fairly bland if not for the sauce around. For chiken tikka, the chicken chunks were tender and came with nice flavour.

Lamb seekh is made of mince lamb seasoned with spices, faired well in juicy texture. This meal is really worth it with two choices of meat and good portion.

The whole dish is smothered with sauce all around, confusing, but still good with naan bread around.

  • Sofyani Biryani (€11.20; Saffron flavoured traditional combination of lamb,basmati and biryani spices,accompanied by our delicious cucumber,roast cumin and fresh mint raita; Copied from website) – Biryani (Briyani is called somewhere else) was delicious. Lamb  (hidden underneath the heap of rice) was exceptionally tender. Overall, good flavour, just lacking a spicy punch and salt seasoning.

Probably, I should have requested for a spicier hint upon ordering. Anyway, this dish was hearty! Left half of it for tomorrow’s lunch. Yum!

Total bill was €23.15, delivery charge was €3.

Good to try out their authentic Indian dishes again after all these years. Looking forward to the next order already.


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