Damn,not another one..

My own laptop broked down, bebe fiddled with the hard disk and RAM, but she never returned. She nearly reached 3 year birthday. This was back in Feb.

Then, I borrowed my sis’  old laptop ever since to continue. By the way, bebe got the my ‘deceased’ laptop’s RAM transferred to sis’ one to speed up. Yay, it has worked well and fine ever since at a good speed. I was happy again. Suddenly, over the weekend, during transfer of some pictures, it jammed.

This time, the screen went blank. Restarting  few times wouldn’t do. Rest it for an hour or so, managed to have it on, but only lasted for 10 mins before the hard disk start making ‘noise’.

I was stucked again. Couldn’t ‘blog’ on! Argh! All the pictures are in the old laptop, only half of them are backed up..more spreadsheets and docs…sssshhhhss…. I think I have enough common sense for using comp, what was it then?

I’m glad I had an interview just last week, I really hope there will be good news coming along soon. Then, not only I could carve my career with more determination, I wanna get  my first new MAC! And this MAC better last for another good few years.

As I am writing this, I am using bebe’s laptop. I hope nothing would happen to it.


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