Dim Sum Tea Time @ Good World (Dublin)

A sharing of Dim Sum fare on Bank Holiday noon time. This time, we had it in city centre. Now, here, we have a good comparison to the same dishes we had previously at Ming Court, Blanchardstown.

  • Dan Tat (Egg Custard Tarts) – € 4.50 for a portion of two pieces. This plates has three portions (one eaten when pic taken). The tarts were nice overall but a tad too sweet. The pastry puff was on the oilier side.

  • Lok Mai Gai (Glutinous rice with minced pork stuffing, wrapped in lotus leaf) – €4.50 for a portion of two. Nicely flavoured minced pork filling with a slice of waxed chinese sausage and prawn.

  • Lin Yong Bao (Lotus Paste Bun) – €4.20 for a portion of 3. I didn’t get to try it, but the lucky ones said there was pretty good lotus paste filling and the bun was fluffy.

  • Beef Meat Ball Dumpling – €4.20 for a portion of 3. I like the smooth, juicy and fragrant meat ball. Moreover, they were huge. They are definitely nothing like the normal meat ball smothered in tomato sauce.

  • Fung Zao (Steamed Marinated Chicken Feet) – €4.50. You heard it right, chicken feet it is. A portion has about 6 – 8 pieces. I never ate it, never will. Dad’s favourite. The skin is full of marinade flavour. The chewy tendons are to be eaten as well, there’s where you get your joint supplements.
  • Har Gow (Prawn Dumpling) – €4.20 for portion of 4. Juicy, springy prawns wrapped in with shredded ginger strips. The outer translucent skin is thin and stretchy. Good texture.

  • Har Cheung Fun (Steamed Rice Pastry Stuffed with Whole Prawns) – €4.50 for a portion of 3. I like the translucent thin rice pastry and the seasoned soy sauce. The prawns were not as bouncy as in har gow.

  • Wu Gok (Yam Croquette Filled with Mince Pork) – €4.20 for a portion of 3. I like the minced pork filling and outer layer of fried yam. It was oily after taste but expected.

  • Sam Xin Hor Fun (Seafood Rice Noodles in Egg Gravy) – €14.80 for a plate. This dish contains king prawns, scallops and squids in comforting egg gravy sauce smothered over light stir fried rice noodles. Overall, fresh seafood. The rice noodles were a tad dry and tasted like cooked from frozen. But the egg gravy managed to save it.

  • GowChoy Gao (Chinese Chives Dumpling) – €4.50 for a portion of 3. The filling could do with more chives as the name suggests. Filling was a bit loose, amount of minced meat could increase a little more. Taste overall was passable.

A truly satisfying tea time it was.

 Good World Chinese Restaurant
Address: 18 South Great Georges Street, Dublin 2
Date of Visit: 4 May 2009


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