Fallon & Byrne (Dublin)

Restaurant: Fallon & Byrne

Location: 1- 17 Exchequer Street, Dublin 2, Ireland

Type: European (mixture of Italian, French and Pub food)

Date of visit: 17 May 2009

It was around 1pm on Sun when we entered this diverse premise which houses an organic food hall attached with a cafe serving good selection of well made cakes, downstairs is the wine cellar, upstairs lies a spacious restaurant where we had our Sunday lunch.

What lured us in was the 2 course menu at €18.50 while three course is €23, also, due to its good reputation in serving good food.

Let’s check out how did the value set lunch fare…

  • Simple yet elegant table setting. Room wise, it’s airy, bright and most importantly well spaced tables throughout. I like the pink flowers too.


  • Complimentary in house made bread served prior to starters. Decent texture, I could imagine the bread being much better if they are served warm. Service wise, friendly staff with smiley faces.


  • Chicken liver parfait, brioche, orange, port syrup – brother D ordered this for starter. I had a taste of the liver parfait, which I presume is also a pate. It’s rich and yet light on the tongue. One more brioche for the second liver pate would be better. More orange please!


  • White onion soup, truffle creme fraiche – my favourite starter among the ones tasted. Wholesome blended onion soup. Nice.


  • Caesar salad, bacon lardons (mum requested it to be left out and they nicely replaced it with croutons), shaved Parmesan – good and fresh salad, thin dressing.


  • Chicken salad – Initially, it supposed to be the same salad as above, sister C asked for the bacons to be replaced by chicken instead. This dish would cost €13.50 on its own. Tender chicken breast slices and well seasoned. Good one.


  • Main course of oven baked Pollock, roast potatoes, courgette ribbons, tomato salsa – I never tried fresh Pollock before, the ones tried previously are battered and fried. It is an overall very light and plain dish. Tomato salsa was nice. The vinaigrette and mustard sauce was good but not enough for the whole fish. Roast potatoes were superb, soft inside.

When this fish dish approached my seat, a pungent fishy smell attacked my nostrils. Later on, I asked for lemon wedges to be squeezed over and shakes lots of black pepper to mask the smell. Actually, the fish was cooked perfectly, moist flesh and flaked off easily upon gentle pressure of the fork. Probably, the choice of fish could be switched or have the Pollock grilled instead?


  • Open steak & kidney pies, turned potatoes – bebe ordered this one, overall, this dish was very gamey. Steak was pretty tough. I avoided kidney. If they could make steak pies in Guinness gravy, that would be perfect.

Only if F&B could expand their main course choices from four to six.


  • Finally, we arrive at desserts! Black forest gâteaux knickerbocker glory, Chocolate sponge, vanilla ice-cream, cherries – you know what, I thought the desserts were the best compared to main courses and even starters served. When this tall glass was presented, we were pleasantly surprise as we were expecting a slice of cake. This piece of dessert pleased my sweet tooth a lot . (FYI, €7.75 for a dessert ordered on its own)


  • Apple pear crumbel, hazelnut ice-cream – good filling, good crumble and good ice-cream!


  • Crème brûlée, blood orange sorbet (crushed pistachio on the side), walnut cookie – another dessert that blows us away. The sorbet was fantastic. Crème brûlé paired well with the walnut cookie, smooth & vevelty custard was really delightful.

All in all, we felt quite disspointed with the main courses. I am not keen to be back.


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