Yo! Sushi (Dublin)

Main attraction to this sushi chain was the current promotion of 33% off total bill until end of May. Everything is served on colour coded plates, which resembles tapas style. There was an extended conveyor belt that goes in a circle across the whole room where most of the customers are seated. Only a few table seats are available by the window.

Pretty futuristic (metal balls hanging off the ceiling) if not commercialised interior. Funny and loud ring tone going on and off when someone pressed the red button at their seat for service.

Our seating at the bar with moving plates on the conveyor belt.

6 different coloured plates. Green plate being the cheapest at €2.25 up to grey plate being the dearest at € 6.75.

Grilled Teriyaki Unagi (Eel) Nigiri - They are just as fine.

Salmon Sashimi Set - It's passable, raw fish let out in room temperature is not favoured generally in stricter sushi shop. If only they could ensure the sashimi is cold while being on the belt.

Prawn Maki (inverted seaweed wrapped sushi) with Fish Roes - Not bad at all!

Duck Gyoza (in Plum Sauce) - Ordered this off the belt, so it's served freshly fried. Quite decent.

Prawn (Breaded) Katsu - Ordered this off the belt, served hot and crunchy.

Soft Shell Crab Tempura - Yes, ordered this off the belt again. Served freshly fried, nice!

Prawn Salad (blanched prawns in lime juice served with fresh herbs) - It was all right. Prawns over cooked I guess, sort of tough on the teeth.

Another maki (tofu & cucumber filling) with salmon lining - much blander compared to the ones tried above. It was ok.

Total damage was €29.64 (8 plates and 2 green tea unlimited at €1 each) after discount. Overall, good value with the discount going on. Food wise, not as fresh as I expected from a sushi shop.

Address: Clarendon St, Dublin 2
 Yo! Sushi
Date of visit: 19 May 2009


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