Mangetu (Dublin)

Restaurant: Mangetu

Location: Unit 1, Victoria House, Haddington Road, Ballsbridge

Type: Asian cuisine

Date of visit: 10 May 2009

Just a little introduction here, this restaurants prides herself serving a variety of authentic Asian dishes. It was my sister C who paid a visit at this restaurant with her friends. When I heard that she was going to Mangetu, I asked her to take the trouble to take the pictures of her set dinner. And so she did, many thanks to her. Now, let’s see how the dishes look and taste like (according to her descriptions).

  • Starter of Dim Sum (Minced mixture of prawn, squid & chicken dumplings with water chestnuts, coriander, oyster sauce, soy sauce and sesame oil; Wrapped in dumpling pastry and served with sweet dark soy sauce) – this dish was overall flat tasting.



  • Chilli and Thai basil chicken stir fried in chilli with peppers, shallots and garlic – Chicken chunks were laden in diluted dark soy sauce as clearly seen in the picture, it is nothing wrong doing ordinary dishes if it is done right and well. Unfortunately, it was not.

One disgusting surprise found in the dish, a thick and short (pubic hair look a like) hair found halfway through her main course. More appallingly, the waiter accused that it was her hair (from the top of her head) since she has a set of black mane! In the end, the managment decided to serve a complimentary dessert in effort to ‘apologise’. Nonetheless, she was utterly disgusted on her birthday celebration!


    • Skewers Of Roast Pineapple, Mango, Banana & Star Fruit Served With coconut and lemongrass sorbet – C was totally dissapointed by the fruits on skewers that did not make sense and sadly the fruits were not fresh at all. Never ever in my life seen such a thing in Asia. My opinion when I look at the picture? Honestly? It’s pathetic!

    We both agreed that this restaurant serves anything but authentic Asian food. It is a restaurant with nice ambiance and colourful lighting inside. But, food wise, speechless (in a terrible way)!


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