Docklands Maritime Festival 2009

Dublin Docklands Maritime Festival has just started from Fri (29-May-09)  until 1st of June. I didn’t know about until I walked along the quay on a rare sunny Friday.  There were stalls selling lot s of food, flowers, clothing, accessories, beer, furniture and etc.

We stopped by KC Peaches on Pearse Street and bought a nice chocolate tart, not overly sweet, great! €3.50 for a slice.

Gouda cheese selection from Holland (creamy gouda, 3 year matured gouda and olive & garlic gouda) about €11.70 in total.

Papillon lavender at €3.50 in a huge pot , waiting for it to come to full bloom now..

Cheese Pretzel at €3 (not worth it come to think of it), it's alright...

And random snap shots of food stalls..while walking through the glorious, sunny quays, suddenly I thought, is this really Ireland?

Sausages from Germany includes salami, chorizo and etc..

Sweets from Greece

Grilled German Sausages stall where the beer stall is just right beside it..

Traditional Hog Roast


More sweets..

Cheese selection from Holland

Huge Cinnamon Biscuits and also Ginger Biscuits in packs

Great fudge selection

Famine statues


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