Kimchi aka The Hop House(Dublin)

Restaurant: Kimchi (aka The Hop House)

Location: 160, Parnell Street, City Centre North of Dublin

Type: Korean / Japanese

Date of visit: 29 May 2009

We arrived at the shop about 6pm ish. No early bird menu or any sort. So, we settled for a la carte items instead. It is a cozy and dimly lit restaurant where you will find bits of decorative pieces lying around at the nooks and corner in the shop, almost feel like being at sombody’s house. Inside, the furniture is wooden with cushion seats too.

The unique point about this restaurant is the attached Asian/Irish pub playing contemporary Korean songs (not sure if it’s Korean songs all the time though). The owners and waiters talk to each other in Korean, so, I guess this Korean shop is pretty authentic.

  • Entrance of the restaurant. Service wise, polite and prompt.


  • The dinner setting – the menu states that the beef is of Irish origin, chicken and pork are organic, good to know that!


  • Bulgoggi (€13.90; Pan fried beef marinated in soya sauce with Korean seasoning on a sizzling pan, served with rice , soup and cold side dish) – This is a very good valued dish in terms of quantity. The beef trimmings are on the fatty side. It was served luke warm, thought it would be sizzling hot since it was served on a sizzling plate. Marinade of soya sauce was good and on the sweet side.


  • The cold side dish consisted of cucumber, beansprouts and broccoli.

The contents of the cold side dish change from time to time. From the last visit, we had better quality combination, they were shredded dried cuttle fish, kimchi and beansprouts.


  • Zampong Tang ( €13.50; Seafood and vegetables in spicy broth served with a plate of kimchi but without rice), so I ordered a bowl of boiled rice at €2 (that makes this dish €15.50 now, only a small plate of kimchi served here as side cold dish) – Fresh seafood here, 4 big mussels, 4 juicy prawns, a few squids and also a plentiful of red pepper ,onion slices and cabbage leaves. The stock of the soup is very tasty and spicy. Oh yes, it came with a layer of cooked beaten egg on top of the soup.


  • Crunch Roll (€11.90; Maki filled with prawn tempura, crab meat, cucumber, mustard & soya sauce and some crunchy bits) – The sushi rice was fairly dry, crab meat was actually made of crab sticks. Overall, the taste and texture were so so. The price could be adjusted to about €8 for a maki dish as such as I was expecting a proportional portion and quality.

Total damage was €41.30. All in all, this place worth checking out.


6 thoughts on “Kimchi aka The Hop House(Dublin)

  1. The bulgoggi wasn’t luke warm. It was hot but not sizzling hot like what you would expect of a hot plate dish. It’s still good though. Meat was fatty therefore tender. I liked it.

  2. One more thing, sushi rolls and maki are not the only Japanese food that they have. They also have one or a couple bento boxes. I ate the teriyaki eel bento box before and it was ok, not great, but ok.

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