Wagamama (Dublin)

Restaurant: Wagamama

Location: South King Street, Dublin 2 (Opposite Gaiety Theatre)

Type: Japanese cuisine fused with other South East Asian flavour

Date of visit: 10 June 2009

I made use of the current Pigsback (for members only) Wagamama 2-for-1 main course offer. The perpetual reason to visiting this establishment is due to the promotion, all the time.

This would be about the 5th time I’m here and this would be the 3rd time I am ordering Teriyaki Salmon Soba (extracted from wagamama.ie: grilled teriyaki salmon fillet on a bed of teppan fried soba noodles with curry oil, mangetout, red chillies, red and spring onions, ginger, beansprouts and bak choi. With teriyaki sauce, coriander and mixed sesame seeds). What is so great about this dish?

The picture tells a thousand words. The salmon is always grilled nicely, the skin was almost crispy while the flesh underneath was moist and tender. The fillet thickness was just right, not too thin.

Soba (buckwheat noodles) was stirred fried nicely with the rest of the ingredients. All in all, this is the dish that I only eat when I am at Wagamama nowadays.

A and I ordered exactly the same dish, so, only one picture of food here. If you have an account with Pigsback, make use of this recurrent offer every now and then.


2 thoughts on “Wagamama (Dublin)

  1. Ya, I know what you mean. The one in Dublin is pretty good as the ingredients are fresh and cooked well. Soba noodle was passable, compensated by the ingredients used :).

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