Han Yang Asian Market (Dublin)

Restaurant: Han Yang

Location: 22, Great Strand St, Dublin 1

Type: Korean grocery store and deli shop

Date of visit: 15 June 2009

To be exact, this eatery is not a restaurant but a deli selling hot Korean food situated in a Korean/Asian food store. Not only they import Asian food items, they also sell frozen seafood and meat. On their website, they claim to sell fresh seafood and fresh meat too, but, during my visit there, I saw none of it. Probably, they are still expanding, it looks like a fairly new establishment to me.

Main attraction for me was the superb Korean food at a reasonable price ranging from €3.50 to €5.50 for a portion like Seafood Fried Rice, Ramyun with dumpling/rice balls and etc. We were there around 3.30pm, there were only 5 choices of dishes available e.g. Squid, Beef, Chicken Drumlets and others. Most of them are stir fried in hot chilli sauce base. The choices of sushi rolls are smoked salmon, beef and canned tuna.

  • Main course could be made to order or you could choose from the array of readily cooked dishes as above mentioned displayed behind a glassed bar. The server will fill up a plate with a good heap of rice, subsequently, you order the type of dishes you want.
  • A ordered 3 dishes (squids, chicken and kimchi) and was charged at a maximum of €5.50. The food turned out very satisfying and really good!


  • Seafood Ramyun served with a plate of pickled vegetable, €4. The spicy broth was very tasty (cooked from the instant ones sold in the shop as well), the seafood were mussels, squids, prawns served with an egg.


  • I went for smoked salmon sushi ,€3.80, there were 10 pieces in a box and it comes with a mini soya sauce container for dipping. Sushi was well made, rice was how it should be, firm and moist. The filling consisted of smoked salmon, cucumber, lettuce, tofu, pickled radish and red pepper. This simple and humble filling worked for me. Now, I know where to get probably the cheapest sushi in Dublin.

  • For drinks, I bought a bottle of carrot juice fused with other vegetable juices for €1. A bottle of grape fruit juice at only 50¢. I thought they were imported from Korea (which generally has good quality control on food stuff), upon second look, the drinks were actually imported from China. It was then I realised why the pricing is so low. Nonetheless, the juices were all right, a tad too sweet.
  • Hot drinks like capuccino, mocha and the likes selling from €1 to €1.20.

I didn’t buy any grocery here, just looked around. Mainly Korean dry food stuff are on the shelves. For the same brands like Lee Kum Kee range of sauces, East End range of spices, they are tagged at almost the same price as Asia Market on Drury Street.

I recommend the deli strongly for trying flavoursome and authentic Korean food at a fraction of €€.


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