Row Inn Row (Athlone, Ireland)

Restaurant: Row Inn Row Chinese Restaurant

Type: Chinese food (including some Malaysian and Thai dishes too)

Location: Count John’s, The Bawn, Athlone, Co. Westmeath

Date of visit: 20 June 2009

I have been in and out of this long established Chinese restaurant situated in Athlone for the past decade. In my opinion, this restaurant has one of the finest Chinese food served in town if not the whole Westmeath.

There is only a floor to this restaurant, fairly small interior but the tables were not tightly packed and it is very cozy indeed. Outside of the restaurant states that the building is the birthplace of the world famous Irish tenor, John McCormack.

Service was courteous and prompt.


  • Crispy Shredded Chicken with Salt & Chilli – Chicken was enveloped in a light and airy batter, stir fried with fresh chilli slices and salt. Julienned white onions, green peppers, carrots and scallions were presented too. The dish is not hot at all despite of the chillies, instead, the chillies added a very nice zing to the overall taste. Crunchy texture to the chicken, the batter absorbed all the flavour from surrounding vegetables well.


  • Fillet Chicken & Prawn Kung Po (Malaysian style) – Chicken chunks and prawns were battered lightly here, stir fried with in house kung po concoction sauce and a lot of dried chillies (as we ordered it to be cooked hot). Also, there were julienned spring onions, ginger, onions and carrots which blended in with the sauce well. The flavour was explosive with a tinge of sweetness and vinegar.


  • Shredded Fillet Beef in Thai Red Curry – The fillet beef shreddings were really tender, they were lightly battered and thus soaked up the red curry sauce really well. The Thai red curry is quite rich, on the sweet side. Overall, comparable to the one found in a Thai restaurant.

I think the consistent quality cooking here deserves a visit from any visitor to Athlone.


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