Jewel in the Crown (Dublin Centre)

Restaurant: Jewel in the Crown

Type: South Indian food

Location: South William Street , City Centre South

Date of visit: 24 June 2009

We visited this Indian restaurant smacked right in the city centre around 2pm, surprisingly not crowded. The smallish interior was painted in blue and faint yellow.

The restaurant does extremely good valued lunches. Main courses (6 choices) at €7.50 each comes with rice or naan bread while starter (3 choices) is tagged at €2.50 only.

hicken Karai (cooked with own ground spices, green chilli & fresh coriander) with naan bread.

Naan bread was made fresh and served hot. It was crispy at edges, very nice. Karai was medium hot, the spices and the tomato based sauce blended in well with the tender chicken chunks.

naan bread

pilau rice

The big chicken chunks were succulent (they were treated in the clay oven on skewers) smothered heavily in the creamy spiced sauce. It was a very rich dish and flavourful. Pilau rice was very hearty and on the oily side which we did not mind at all. In my opinion, the dish could be presented with a slight effort of garnishing.

Chicken Tikka Massala (cooked with special masala sauce, cream and almond) with pilau rice.

The only thing I was not happy about was the stained fabric napkins, they should really replace it with disposable napkins or at least clean ones. The waiter who served us seemed uninspired, other than that, service was ok.

This place definitely warrants a visit.


5 thoughts on “Jewel in the Crown (Dublin Centre)

  1. All looks very familiar, I’m a big fan of “The Jewel”. Although I must admit, I think I’ve only visited once, since they had “the scare”.

    You’re obviously a big fan of Indian food like myself Adel. Nice one. For me, it’s got to be a lamb dhansak, or a proper biryani.

  2. Yes, I am an all time Indian (Chinese, Japanese, all things good) food fan … I always appreciate a good lamb briyani.
    By the way, just curious, what scare was that? when? I’m lost…

  3. ah i c, i did visit them last year around Sept or Oct too but everything seemed fine. Regardless, their food is pretty good, value for money…

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