Roly’s Bistro (Dublin)

This Dublin famous restaurant was buzzing during our first visit here. We arrived at this establishment 10 minutes just before 1pm (lunch time) and thankfully I booked a table an hour before. The restaurant was getting fully packed already.

Selection of in house made bread (complimentary)

According to my memory, there was a selection consisted of sun dried tomato, olive, brown soda and lastly poppy seeds (not sure).

I ordered all of the four types displayed in the hand held basket (the waiter gawked at me unintentionally when I requested it, I was not surprised as there will be 3 course meal ahead, tsk tsk). They were all fresh, fragrant and tasted so good with a generous spread of butter. I finished all of them up.

Roly’s Prawn Bisque – A whiff of heavy seafood (or rather fishy) smell came by while the waiter was approaching our table with the soup. I like seafood a lot, so, the overhelming smell did not bother me.

Bisque as I know is a thick blended seafood soup, however, this was the total opposite. It was of very thin texture, almost like a watery soup, tasted reasonable and fairly salty.

The small shot of whiskey served aside was a nice addition to the soup to heighten the prawn’s flavour, I poured it all in and felt so warm after the soup, very suitable for winter.

Probably, I expected too much before patronising Roly’s for the first time. The starter somehow let me down a little.

Grilled Fillet Of Cod Hake With Buttered Spinach, Black Olive And Tomato Sauce Vierge

Cod was not available on the day itself, hake was used to replaced. This was such a great grilled fish, it released a burst of tempting and grilled scent before my eyes. Hake was fresh, moist and flaky.

All of the elements (tomatoes, olives, spinach and virgin sauce) complimented each other well. Just one drawback, the combination was a tad salty all together. Nonetheless, I enjoy this dish thoroughly.

Each main course was served with either salad or vegetables. Both of us went for salad.

Crispy and fresh greens dressed in olive oil, with some black olives and sliced red onions. They were contained in an edible crunchy basket made of flour (which I skipped). Quite a pretty thing.

Traditional Kerry Lamb And Vegetable Pie With Roasted Parsnips And Thyme

This is another rather nice main course. Tender Irish lamb pieces and very flavourful sauce (or stew). Here is the inside of the pie..

Bread And Butter Pudding, Vanilla Bean Ice Cream – Finally, we arrive at desserts!

As the name suggests, it is made of bread and butter. The bread occupied the whole bowl from bottom to the top soaked in generous amount of butter. Custard was fairly sweet. Vanilla bean ice cream was intense. Rich! We thought immediately we should have gone for the white chocolate & brownie cheesecake instead, as soon as we saw it on the next table.

Fresh Lemon Tart With Mandarin And Cranberry Ice Cream

The lemon tart was delightful, acidity was just right, the tart pastry was really enjoyable. Cranberry & Mandarin ice-cream tasted fruity yet not overwhelming. Though, throughout I tasted sweet passion fruit instead of mandarin, if it was, even better.

 This bring us to the end of the my first visit to Roly’s Bistro. Total damage was €50.49 for two 3- course set lunches, including 10% service charge. Overall, I would pay this fine restaurant another visit again.

Address: 7, Ballsbridge Terrace, Dublin 4
Roly’s Bistro
Date of visit: 17 July 2009

~~ Revisited in Dec 2014 for Pre-theatre menu~~

The menus

10oz Rib Of Irish Hereford Beef, Fondant Potato, Pepper Sauce Crust,Neuberg Sauce And Parmesan Cheese Shavings

Fish & Chips

Overall, the food was delicious.

Very busy night even for a weekday.

5.45 – 6.30

2 Courses €23.95 / 3 Courses €26.95
+10% Service Charge


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