Istanbul & Mediterranean Stall @ Epicurean Food Hall (Dublin)

On the second visit to the food hall after a five years gap, I must say that I like this food court better now for the variety of cuisines it presents. There are 3 stalls serving Italian food, including one that is buffet style, there is an Indian food there, a Chinese buffet, a drink stall, one or two sandwich bars, and then there is the Mediterranean stall.

Well, when we went there, we didn’t really know what was good, so we decided to just jump onto the bandwagon and queued up at whichever stall had the longest queue−fingers crossed that a long queue would mean good food. In that instance, that stall happened to be the Mediterranean stall, and, boy, were we in for a treat.

Each order came with either freshly toasted bread or a good heap of rice and fresh salad. On top of it, a drizzle of some tomato based sauce and garlic yoghurt. And.. the portion was huge.. Wonderful!

Let’s see what we’ve tried out for the first time here…

Istanbul Mix € 11.50

This combination gives you a pile of rice underneath, on top you have 5 dishes. I am not joking, and the plate is only a medium main course plate. Get ready for this …

There were beef balls, lamb kebab, tender and meaty chicken parts, chicken kebab and mixed vegetables (aubergine, potato and leek). All the meats were well flavoured, marinated and succulent. Garlic yoghurt was a great boost to the overall taste. Salad comprised of fresh red onions and lettuce.

Chicken Kebab €9.50

(oops, labelled the picture above wrongly, but you know which is which)

This was simply tender chicken kebab, rice and salad dressed in some Mediterranean tomato sauce and garlic yoghurt. Meat was on the fattier side. Look at the amount! I only managed to finish 1/3 of it.

We were not able to finish all of it at one go, but thank God the stall did give us some take-away containers (free of charge, nice). So we packed the food into the take-away containers, brought it home and had it for a pre-dinner snack.

Verdict: You have gotta try out this affordable and gorgeous Mediterranean or Turkish food @ the Epicurean Food Hall. ~~ Extremely satisfied!


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