Dada Restaurant (Dublin)

Bebe has been collecting quite some points on, so, we thought it was time to put the ‘painstakingly’ accumulated points to some good use. That is to fuel another meal at a restaurant.

And we decided to try out a cuisine never tried before, Moroccon cuisine it was, in this newly established restaurant.

I was enthralled by the romantic and colourful interior.

There were a number of long and round tables with cushioned seats catering to larger groups. This arch window was the view we received at our seats. Sweet.

Moroccon dips served with bread

This set comprised of four flavours which were hummus, figs, olive and tomatoes. All were decent, except the olive dip was a tad strong and sour to our taste. Bread was soft and fresh, lovely!

Couscous salad (cold) with chorizo, peppers and black olives

I like this starter of mine, just the right amount of garlic cooked with the ingredients, went well with the fluffy couscous.

Soup (warm) with lentils, chick peas, vermicelli and coriander

A tad acidic, overall, a good tasting warm soup.

Moroccon breakfast tagine, spicy lamb sausages, eggs and tomato sauce

Bebe like the lamb sausage a lot, packed with lean meat instead of fat. I found it gamey to my taste.

Tagine, before opening up

Chicken breast tagine with potatoes and olives

The meat and potatoes were extremely tender and came with good flavour; the light and lemony clear broth was delicious.

Kofta tagine, spicy meat balls with tomato sauce served with bread

The meat balls were small sized, made of fairly lean meat and on the drier side. The tomato broth made up for the dryness undoubtedly. A hearty and rustic dish indeed.

This restaurant warrants at least a visit. I highly recommend the 2-course set lunch to try out their tagine dishes at €14.95 per person.

Address: 44-45 South William Street, Dublin 2
Date of visit: 3 Sept 2009


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