Ikea Food @ Dublin

It reminds me of the restaurant in my former university, and it functions excatly like one. Pick up a tray from a starting point, walk pass a series of food on display while gliding the tray along the supporting side bar to pick up items of your choice.

Too bad we had lunch in town before this look-see session at Ikea, otherwise, I would be keen to try out their sandwiches or main courses which seem cheap (€1.95 – €6) and good. Well, of course there is always a space for desserts. And so, we continued our lunch with …

Strawberry Tart 2.25 & Ginger beer organic €1.95

The ginger beer was wicked, lightly frizzy and quite strong, but I like it, perfect to warm up these colder days in Sept. Tart was lovely, there were quite some strawberry slices. A side info, a cup of soft drink cost €1 (unlimited).

chocolate almond cake (€1.95)

 Some sort of  with presumably rice cake crumbles on top . This is really good! And I found out that a box (6 servings) of this selling at only €4.60 from the Swedish food market located at ground floor.

Oh yes, there is also a fast food stand (labelled as bistro) located at the exit on the groud floor, where hot dogs and soft scoop cones selling at 50¢ or €1 depending on the size. There were even €2 set menus which includes normal or vegetarian hot dog, fries and soft drinks (unlimited).

Ikea Food Market

100g chocolate bars at €0.65 each!

 I got 60% minimum cocoa bar, 30% cocoa milk chocolate and hazelnut milk chocolate. These chocolate bars certainly do not compromise quality, they are smooth tasting and at a dirt cheap price. Worry about Fairtrade inexistence? I did then not too bad after I found out from the webpage that Ikea does food according to a set of admirable policies.

Lasagne (made of elk meat) €1.90

 for 350 g and Ginger cookies at €3.25 for a huge box of 600g. I didn’t taste the lasagne, brother D said it tasted robust, between beef and lamb; Ginger cookies were fresh and crunchy with hint of nutmeg.

Lumpfish roe at €2.10 for 80g

I was intrigued to try out this ‘caviar’ and mainly attracted by the low price tag. Haven’t started on it yet, I figure to use it in some seafood pasta dish.


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