The Port House (Dublin)

During this last week of staying in Dublin, all of us decided to go out for a  farewell dinner. I was summoned to search for a place, and without second thought, I checked up to search for the top 10 most popular restaurants in Dublin.

I stumbled upon quite a number of positive reviews on this tapas bar, serving decent food at reasonable prices which I agree, however with some reservations.

Volovante Hongo/Txangurro €3.50 vol au vent filled with either mushroom béchamel or spider crab

We popped up at this smallish restaurant with a few al fresco seating on Friday evening. It was packed and thankfully, sister C  managed to get a table for 6 of us.

Inside, not a single light bulb was turned on, candles were lit up all over the walls and on the tables instead. It could be a romantic Friday evening, but too dim to my taste. I couldn’t really see the food, and only after taking pictures with flash on I have a good idea. Regardless, the food was great.

And oh yes, I must say the creamy thick mushroom filling was nice. Felt let down by the puny portion that did not justify the price, this trend showed up in one or two other dishes which you will see below.

Piquillos Rellenos Con Pollo Et Basilica €4 roasted piquillo peppers stuffed with chicken, basil and cream cheese on toast with a red pepper sauce

We all liked the delicate touch of cheese and well flavoured chicken stuffing, please size up the portion more?

and Gambas rebozadas (€5.50) deep fried prawns in batter served with alioli (left).

Medium sized bouncy prawns wrapped up in light batter, couldn’t complain here.

Calamares Rabas €5.50 strips of squid in batter served with lemon and alioli

Light batter with fresh large squid strips, love it!

The seafood paella (6.25) rice was cooked too mushy and wet, the only seafood included was very small mussel, not as tasty too. and
Croquetas Setas (€3.95) croquettes filled with mushrooms and creamy sauce (right)

Crunchy and thin coating, once biting in, the thick and smooth mushroom stuffing was simply unforgettable. This was my first encounter with mushroom croquettes, and I will stick to it.

Chuletas De Cordero €5.95

Chargrilled lamb chop marinated in thyme, garlic and olive oil and served with patatas

I didn’t try this one. Bebe showed me the pink meat inside and it seemed like the guys took a liking to it.

Frango Piri Piri €5.50 Chicken wings marinated in garlic and piri piri chilli peppers and chargrilled

I like this one a lot, they were juicy, tender and tasty!

Mejillones Al Horno (€5.25) large Galician mussels on the half shell with rich tomato sauce and Mahon cheese

Very fresh and big mussels indeed, sauce tasted pretty good too, on the more acidic side.

Brochettes De Pollo €4.75

Chicken marinated in lemon & garlic, skewered and grilled. Mmm… the lemon sauce where the succulent chicken was soaked in was wonderful.

Fallon & Byrne’s (Left) Fruit Tart and (Right) Bread & Butter Pudding cake, €4 each

We hopped over to the nearby restaurant/market for desserts instead, for a change of scene.

We enjoyed these two items alot. It is a self service cafe on the ground floor and there are high chairs and tables for you to dine in until 10pm.

Address: 64a, South William Street, Dublin 2
The Port House
Date of visit: 4th Sept 2009


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