Leo Burdock Fish & Chips(Dublin)

Leo Burdock, said to be Ireland’s oldest chipper. We decided to try it out at one of the branches housed in Epicurean Food Hall during our Tues lunch time.

    Haddock €5.90 and Garlic Chips €4.95

    We were recommended or rather hard sold on haddock instead of cod, so, brother D decided to try it out. After a good 10 minutes wait, the fish came with chips. But, the chips seemed like normal ones and didn’t release any garlicky smell. So, I asked for verification, the guy humoured my request by squeezing a generic bottle of mayonnaise all over the chips.

    When we got to our seats and tasted them, only then we realised it was merely mayonnaise put on top. Felt so cheated! The difference between normal chips (€3.65) and so-called garlic chips is €1.30! And this difference was paid for nothing!

    Batter on the fish was thick and tasted re-fried. Haddock flesh was pretty dry inside. I am sure cod would be a better choice. Anyway, I will stop complaining here.


      Breaded Scampi (9 pieces) €5.95

      The scampi was bouncy and juicy inside. The bread crust was crunchy and thick.

      Total damage was €16.80. Overall, I was let down by the expensive (comparitively) price for the disappointing quality, but at least I found out how the food fared in one of the most famous chippers. In other words, I won’t go back to Leo Burdock for my fish-and-chips fix.

      I would rather have Beshoff instead as I tried it for a good few times where their batter is light, fish was fresh tasting and moist inside, moreover chips were decent too.


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