en route to Singapore & 1st day here

Hot! Hot! Hot! And humid! The heat has me dazed and flustered for three days I am in Singapore (and still counting).

My goal to lose weight here seems within reach now as my appetite is all-time low. Also, a lot of healthier food choices are abound in hawker centres/food court at a fraction of  what I have used to pay in Dublin.

I managed to grab a €437 (inc taxes & charges) DUB – SIN return ticket at a special promotion fare with Singapore Airline back in the summer. This is one of my favourite airlines for great food, superb service and comprehensive entertainment system.

London – Singapore route (with Singapore Airline)

  • On board entertainment system – I would rate this as my Top 1. Not only it is user friendly, but it also offers huge varieties of shows and games compared to other airlines taken 1 year back (with Qantas Airways, British Airway and KLM). I managed to watch three movies completely and played a variety of games throughout the 13 hrs flight.


  • Seafood meal request – bebe ordered this to try out something different rather than going for the normal menu. And he was absolutely glad with this set meal which comprised prawn salad, lychee & strawberries fresh fruits and baked salmon with tomato pesto on top.


  • Low sodium meal request – What the heck was I thinking while requesting for this?  Then, I remembered the excuse was to prevent myself from drinking too much water therefore reduce the lavatory trips (didn’t help).

Anyway, when I was greeted with the sight of a blanched chicken, I was really disappointed. With an open mind, I tried it, luckily it didn’t taste as bland as it seems, the fillet was dressed in light sesame oil. Then, I smothered butter and sprinkle pepper to make up the flavour.

One advantage for special meal request is that you are served at least 15 minutes before everybody else which was something that I’ve noticed.


  • Singapore Sling cocktail (left) and Bailey’s Irish Cream (right). The cocktail was too sweet and has a touch of pineapple juice.


Meals in a food court on the 1st day of arrival

  • Fish soup with thick rice noodles ($3; front) served with condiment made of soya bean paste & bird’s eye chillies; sugar cane juice ($1.50; back). Both found in Bedok (satellite town) central food court – light, healthy and fulfilling.


  • Fish soup with rice – boiled white rice soaked in the same clear fish broth as above, this combination is called as TeoChew Rice Porridge here.


Above is only one random dish from the vast varieties of cuisines available in the food courts here . So, I guess I will be posting some blog-worthy hawker food, restaurant visits and perhaps some cooking adventure as well based in Singapore for the next few months.

Here is a quick snap shot of Singapore’s Chinatown get dressed up in the spirit of Mid-Autumn Festival.

Stay tuned!


4 thoughts on “en route to Singapore & 1st day here

  1. Hi Adeline,

    That’s exactly how I felt when I first landed a month ago, hot and humid. You’ll acclimatized soon. :-)
    Enjoy Singapore !!!
    F1 coming soon to town. :-)
    I’ve started using D5000, I like it. Photo quality is good, still learning on how to get optimum shots, at the moment I use life view a lot. I bought from Alan Photos at Sin Lim square (I got the kit at SGD1120).

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