ION Orchard (& Takoyaki)

ION Orchard is the latest addition to the row of shopping centres to Orchard Road, Singapore. Only open 1 month ago.

Her presence totally took the attention away from the rest of shopping centres. Brimming with colourful lighting and a huge TV  at the facade, it’s hard to ignore her.

Light or water?

Huge TV and attractive ‘bling bling’.

Outside entrance to MRT (intercity train), reminds me of Beijing Olympics Bird Nest structure, simplified.



From ION Food Hall

Dozens of takoyaki under way.

6 pieces of  takoyaki at $4.80. The most authentic one among other takoyaki stalls I’ve tried in Singapore.

See the springy octopus inside? Crispy outside and flavourful mushy batter mix inside. Drizzled with Japanese mayonnaise and handful of bonito flakes upon serving. Yummy!


Another shopping centre – Takashimaya. Mid-autumn mooncake sale, packed! Thriving business indeed!


Economy downturn? Not a sign was seen here.


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