2009 Snowskin Mooncakes

Imminent Mid-Autumn festival (4 Oct 2009) means Chinese tea with mooncakes. And the latter is always in the limelight. Because all the bakeries across the country, independent or hotel owned would churn out their own traditional and exotic mooncakes to woe consumers from all ages.

The exotic ones are presented in snowskin (non-bake pastry) rather than the normal baked pastry skin as they are more versatile to integrate almost any flavours other than traditional lotus paste. Also, snowskin type is the most talked about, compared and reviewed on local blogs or newspapers due to their, well, exoticism.

Goodwood Park is the only one I patronise annually due to her unfaltering reputation in mooncakes made with D24 durian.

Goodwood Park

SGD 40 (after 15% discount) set of tropical-fruits-themed snowskin mooncakes.
Goodwood Park Deli's Durian Moon Cake

Durian Mooncake - luscious and thick D24 durian filling

Goodwood Park Deli's Soursop Moon Cake

Goodwood Park Deli's Soursop Moon Cake - tangy sweet soursop filling, nice.

Goodwood Park Deli's Cempedak Moon Cake

Goodwood Park Deli's Cempedak Moon Cake - the intense aroma of cempedak is intoxicating.

Goodwood Park Deli's mango & pomelo pulps moon cake

Goodwood Park Deli's mango and pomelo mooncake interior

This is my least favourite. Funny enough, it is the most advertised and said to make a comeback due to popular demand.


Here are the ones from Bakerzin. A complimentary gift from subscribing to the membership card with Megumi Japanese restaurant (current promotion).

Bakerzin small mooncake set

My favourite is Sesame Truffle.

What I admire about these little dainty mooncakes is that the traditional lotus paste was maintained with a centre yolk-like filling even though flavours were unconventional.

Bakerzin's Sesame Truffle Moon Cake
Bakerzin's Yam & Lotus Moon Cake

Other flavours include Brandied Cherry Truffle, Rum and Raisin Truffle, Single Malt Whisky Truffle and etc.

Hope you like the presentation here and if you are in Asia this month, seek these pimped traditional moon cakes to stimulate your taste buds.

For these particular mooncakes introduced, only found in Singapore.


4 thoughts on “2009 Snowskin Mooncakes

  1. Christine Toh says:

    Nice looking ”ping pei” mooncake. Indeed Goodwood Park Hotel has a good reputation for their authentic mooncake. Enjoy :-)

  2. adel h says:

    Christine: Finished up these mooncakes in 2 days!Only two of us..hehe

    Elaine: Cheers! They are quite nice, esp Sesame Truffle. The rest of the flavours are alcoholic, if you like a touch of different types of alcohol, you’re in for a treat!

  3. Bebe says:

    I like the Champagne one!! Pink Champagne Truffle! Hey Dodo, why don’t you put up that pic with the list of all the different flavours…

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